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Choosing the best metal roof on the market can be difficult, especially with so many great options available. But, why just go for “great” when you can have the best? Environmentally friendly, simple, and strong, the Master Shake is the clear choice to meet all of your metal roofing needs.

Beautiful Design

The sleek, yet rustic look of the Master Shake can’t be beat. It’s sure to draw attention from your neighbors and give your home a gorgeous, modern look.

Modern Trim

Not only is the trim system good looking, it’s functional, too. Built for added strength, it has a gutter system that works quickly and efficiently to control the water levels on your roof.

Innovative Strapping

By using a unique combination of horizontal and vertical strapping, we make Master Shake quicker to install and create airflow underneath the metal and the existing roof.

Detailed Leveling

We proudly pay close attention to detail, especially when it comes to leveling. Our system is designed to eliminate dips and sags in crooked and uneven roofs.

Strong Composition

The Master Shake is made of nearly indestructible 26-gauge material, making it the strongest roof on the market. It can hold up massive amounts of snow, stand up against crazy weather, and resist fading (even in high UV areas).

Secure Fastening

While most metal roofs are fastened every 24 inches, the Master Shake is fastened every 16 inches. With color matching screws, it ensures the beauty of the roof.

Easy Installation

One of the most unique qualities about the Master Shake is that it can be installed over existing roof shingles, making it a long-lasting solution that goes on for a quick fix.

Matching Ice Guards

Our unique ice guards are designed to blend in perfectly with the roof and keep it safe from snow and ice.

Protective Ridges

The ridged weather seal system we use is one of a kind in its ability to stop insects, dust, and even rodents from getting into your home, and provides vital airflow to your attic.

Reach out to our friendly team to find out more about the Master Shake Roofing System. As experienced metal roofing manufacturers, we partner with the best roofing companies in the area to ensure a seamless and affordable installation. We look forward to helping you make the switch to better roofing.