Roofs are so often overlooked when it comes to home ownership — and for good reason. One, they don’t require a lot of maintenance, and they do their job day in and day out without complaining. Two, you’d rather make your home’s interior space perfect, from remodeling your kitchen and bathroom to investing in built-in cabinets in the kids’ rooms. Hence, your roof has to demand attention if it hopes to get any, which if your roof was installed by professional roofers to begin with, such as Master Shake Roofing Systems, it’s supposed to be of secondary importance. Contact one of our metal roofing dealers today!

When your roof finally does demand attention and you begin to look for a new roof, consider metal roofing from Master Shake Roofing, the best metal roofing company in Canada with particular emphasis on Ontario. Metal roofing is superior in many ways, which we will enumerate below.


Metal roofing is the superior choice in roofing for many reasons.


One of the main concerns of homeowners or commercial businesses when installing a new roof is its durability. How will my roof stand up to a storm? What about hail damage and wind damage? What about critters? Because a roof is in your peripheral vision, you don’t want to have to think about it. Thus, you want it to be as durable as possible, hold up to the toughest of storms, and in essence, do its job so you don’t have to think about it. If you’re planning on investing in a new roof soon, consider Master Shake Roofing’s best metal roofs. They can withstand the most extreme of weather with no complaints, and you won’t have to worry about loose shingles peppering your yard or a yard full of black granules after a storm from shingles.

Long lasting.

Metal is one of the strongest materials on this planet, used to hold up the biggest buildings and capable of lasting centuries. Metal roofs are a combination of the strongest metal alloys, including chromium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, and nickel, just to name a few.Most metal roofs last well over 50 years with the proper care and maintenance. When you’re in the market for a new roof, consider Master Shake Roofing System based in Ontario and Indiana. We offer a 50 year warranty on all of our metal roofing materials — something not many other metal roofing contractors offer.


Most of us are looking to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Shingle roofs are notorious for taking up huge amounts of landfill space. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are 100% recyclable, and are made almost entirely from recycled metal. In fact, all metal can be recycled without losing any of its strength. When you decide to look into roofing types, visit Master Shake Roofing System’s website today. You’ll be amazed to learn the value of metal roofing over all the other guys out there.


Most people don’t think of metal as lightweight, but it is. Master Shake Roofing System only weighs 125 pounds per square inch, which is almost 10 times lighter than say clay or slate roofing materials. This means you won’t need reinforced beams installed in your home to support a heavy roof. In essence, if you decide to install a Master Shake metal roof in Ontario, you won’t have to do a thing but call us!

Because metal roofing is so light (nearly one-third lighter than shingles), you can have your Master Shake proprietary roofing system installed over your shingles without burdening your roof’s structural support system. This not only saves you the hassle with ripping off shingles, but is also environmentally friendly since you won’t have the waste of shingles to throw away. Give us a call today if you’re in the Toronto or Indiana areas.


Let’s face it, we’re all looking to save money no matter what our goals are, whether it’s saving for our next vacation or saving to buy a new car. Every penny matters, especially when compounded in the long run. When you’re looking for a new roofing system in Indiana, contact Master Shake Roofing System, the best metal roofing company in Toronto and Indiana. Metal roofs reflect radiant heat from the sun, which keeps your roof cooler and thus causing your air conditioning to run less in the summertime, saving you money on utility bills.

Increase home’s value.

When potential buyers see that you have a metal roof on your home, they know that odds are, they won’t have to replace the roof anytime soon. Not only is this a huge selling point if and when you decide to sell your home, but it also can help when you decide to refinance your mortgage or take out a home equity line of credit as well.

Lower homeowner’s insurance rate.

Most insurance companies will give you a discount on homeowners insurance if you have a metal roof installed. This is for many reasons, part of which is because of its longevity, so the insurance company won’t have to pay for a roof replacement anytime soon. Metal roofs are more durable, thus the insurance company is less likely to have to pay for roof replacement in the event of heavy storms. And metal roofs are fire-resistant, another common expense insurance companies face if your home catches fire.


Metal roofs definitely stand out in the neighborhood for their beauty. They create fabulous lines and the material itself will make the exterior of your home pop. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, consider a metal roof by Master Shake Roofing Systems, which has dealers throughout Canada and the United States, especially in Toronto and Indiana. Potential buyers will notice right away the aesthetic appeal of your roof.

Nature resistant.

As one of the strongest materials ever made, metal roofs work to keep out the bad guys, including critters, insects, and fires. It’s extremely difficult to catch a metal roof on fire, and even so, it’s more likely to melt than anything else. Master Shake Roofs are Class A fire resistant and Class A wind resistant, meaning if a fire does start, it will be extremely hard for the room to burn and for the fire to spread.

As a metal roof, metal is not conducive to plant growth. Hence, your metal roof from Master Shake Roofing is extremely resistant to moisture. This prevents harmful mold and mildew from growing. Our metal roofing system is also installed properly with good airflow, so odds are you won’t have harmful ice dams building up on your roof.

Little maintenance required.

What we value most as we get older is our time. Our time is valuable, and we want to spend it wisely and how we want to. We don’t want to waste time doing things we don’t want to be doing, such as dealing with a problematic roof. Master Shake Roofing installs metal roofs that are virtually maintenance free all throughout the United States and Canada with an emphasis on Toronto and Indiana. Aside from cleaning the gutters every fall, your metal roof should require little attention — which is how we like it.


Customer service.

The roofing industry in general has a semi-bad reputation for not being overly friendly and not explaining the roofing process to you. With Master Shake Roofing in Indiana, you can rest assured that we value open communication throughout your entire roofing experience, from the estimate stage to completion stage. We do the work we promise we’ll do to the highest quality possible. With the best quality metal roofing materials, your roof will last. With an eye to detail, you can expect impeccable service. Contact us today for a free estimate if you are considering a new roof soon.

Best metal roofing product.

Master Shake Roofing offers a proprietary metal roofing solution for Ontario residents that is different than standing seam metal roofing or other types of metal roofing out there. We offer innovative strapping that uses both horizontal and vertical strapping that can be applied over your existing shingle roof. We fasten our roofs much closer than other roofers, giving you a more secure product.

Attention to detail.

Master Shake Roofing Systems’ attention to detail includes our leveling system. Leveling comes into play if you have an uneven roof. With our metal roofing system, we can eliminate dips and sage in even the crookedest roofs. We’ve even designed matching ice guards that not only keep your roof safe from snow and ice, but also add an aesthetic appeal. Finally, we’ve added in protective ridges in order to seal your home off from insects and rodents who are looking to enter your home or office space, which also double as a way to promote airflow to your attic.


There are so many reasons to invest in a metal roof from Master Shake Roofing Systems that it’s almost a no-brainer choice. From increasing your home’s value, being insanely resistant to fire, and lasting up to a lifetime, a metal roof by Master Shake Roofing just makes sense. We encourage you to visit our website, and contact us with any questions you have regarding metal roofing systems. We offer free roofing estimates in your area by your local authorized dealer. What do you have to lose? Contact us today!