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As a small business owner, you work hard. From serving your customers, making the best product or providing the best services to hiring employees and paying taxes, a small business owner counts every penny to make sure it is spent prudently. A commercial metal roofing system by Master Shake in Seymour is sure to give you lasting quality while saving money in the long run. Your heating bill will go down in the winter as will your cooling bill in the summer, which impacts overhead costs.


  1. Peace of mind. When the next big storm hits with power lines down, whipping winds of 60 mph, and blizzard conditions that drop a foot of snow in an hour, you can rest easy knowing your commercial metal roof is holding up, protecting all your business equipment from harm.
  2. Low maintenance. As a business owner in Seymour, you hardly have time for lunch, let alone scheduling maintenance on your commercial roof. With Master Shake Roofing Systems in Seymour, your commercial metal roof will require very little maintenance once installed. Besides cleaning the gutters once a year, you won’t have to worry about holes or patches with commercial metal roofing.
  3. Fire-resistant. Almost nothing is as devastating as a fire in your business. Fires not only destroy buildings, but they destroy everything in buildings, which can be irreplaceable. Commercial metal roofing material has a Class A protection, which means it won’t ignite when on fire with a fire-resistant barrier. An added bonus to commercial metal roofing with regards to fire-resistant: insurance companies commonly offer discounts for metal roofs, which is an added bonus for businesses looking to pinch pennies.

Commercial metal roofs in Seymour offer the best value for the money. They make quite the impression with customers, are durable, fire-resistant and mold-resistant, are low maintenance, and hold up against the toughest weather elements Mother Nature will throw. For a free commercial metal roofing estimate in Seymour, contact Master Shake Roofing Systems today!

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