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Welcome to The Master Shake Roofing System! Below is the location and contact information of the nearest Master Shake Roofing dealer near you.

Choosing a roofing contractor in Salem can be a challenge, especially if roofing isn’t exactly your forte. Master Shake Roofing Systems in Salem offers the best roofing material, metal roofing, for both residential and commercial roofs.


  1. Get someone else’s opinion. The best way to choose a quality metal roofing contractor, especially when you have no personal experience with one, is to ask your family, your friends, and your colleagues for referrals. They are the most reliable source of information about the quality a particular roofing contractor offers, the efficiency, the clean-up, and the honesty in terms of cost with no surprises built in. If you don’t know anyone with experience with a metal roofing contractor, then the next best source of information is online reviews. Most people leave honest comments on review sites, such as Google and Top Rated Local®. If the metal roofing contractor has dozens of positive online reviews, you can probably safely-say the roofing contractor is a good bet.
  2. Experience. If you are investing in a metal roofing system, you want someone who knows what they are doing. After all, this is a huge investment in your home, lasting potentially the rest of your life. You want the job done right. You want your home to shine. You want a great experience. Choosing a local metal roofing contractor will be your best overall value, and avoid storm-chasers (those who knock on your door after a storm and are quite pushy).
  3. Verify insurance. Metal roof installation can be inherently dangerous. After all, roofs on homes are quite tall, and ladders can be rickety and unsafe. Your metal roofing contractor needs workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Master Shake Roofing Systems in Salem has dozens of great online reviews and years of experience in metal roofing installation. We pride ourselves on our quality metal roofing installation services and our relationships with our customers. Contact us today for your free metal roofing installation estimate!

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