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There are dozens of roofing styles to pick from and if you consider you can combine them, you multiply the available styles to the hundreds. Truly, you can create a one-of-a-kind roof. Master Shake Roofing Systems in Lancaster offers the best commercial and residential roofing materials for your home or business. Below, we’ll take a look at a few of the most common roofing styles so you can choose for yourself the best metal roof for you. Contact us today for a free estimate!


  1. Gable roofs. Odds are, if you are asked to draw a roof, you’re going to draw a gable roof. Known by their ubiquitous triangle shape, gable roofs are some of the most popular types of roofs. Also known as peaked or pitched metal roofs, gable metal roofs are great for water runoff and snow melts, being the least likely to form snow dams in the long winter months in Lancaster. The design is simple, making metal gable roofs easy to build and design. Furthermore, a metal gable roof allows for vaulted ceilings in a home, which makes your space feel much larger than it actually is.
  2. Hip roof. You’ve probably seen these type of metal roofs but had no idea what they were called. Hip metal roofs slope on all four sides, are of equal length, and come together at the top to form a ridge. The slopes make these metal roofs more stable than gable metal roofs. Hip metal roofs are excellent for high winds and snow, which make them excellent choices in Lancaster and prevent snow dams. The slope of these metal roofs make handy attic spaces for extra living space.
  3. Gambrel roofs. Gambrel metal roofs or barn roofs are two-sided buildings with two different slopes. Very popular for barns, farm houses, or log cabins, gambrel metal roofs provide extra living space and are simple to build.

If you are interested in the best metal roofing system in Lancaster, contact Master Shake Roofing Systems today for all your residential or commercial roofing needs!