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All roofs are not created equal, and we happen to think we have the best roofing material and system available — metal roofing. Year after year, metal roofing beats seamless roofing, tile roofing, clay roofing, and any other material you can think of. As a Top Rated Local® Roofing supplier in Newton, we offer the best metal roof on the market. Contact us today!

  1. winterizing roof master shake roofing systems metal roofs

    Roofing for the Holidays: Winterizing Your Roof

    The holidays are upon us once again. This means a lot of shopping, a lot of eating, and a lot of merry-making with friends and family. For many, the holidays are their favorite time of year. After all, with the shortened days, you have time to sit around and visit with your friends and simply enjoy …Read More

  2. dormer window master shake metal roofing

    Roofing Terms You Should Know

    Each speciality and field have their own terminology for things and their own acronyms, which can be confusing to those new to an industry. Roofing is one of those industries that has a lot of specialty terms that, when speaking to a roofer, can confuse you. Master Shake Roofing System is a propriet…Read More

  3. heat loss roof master shake roofing system

    How to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Roof

    In our last blog post, we discussed ice dams, how they form, and offered tips on how to prevent ice dams from forming. We learned that ice dams form due to a difference in the heat of your roof. Since the interior of your roof is warmer than the exterior, the snow melts on the interior and is blocke…Read More

  4. Why Metal Roofs are Better Than Shingle Roofs

    The vast majority of homeowners have shingle roofs. Shingle roofs are usually made of a combination of materials: asphalt, fiberglass, sealant, and granules. Since the materials are cheap, a shingled roof is usually the best economical option for homeowners as a shingle roof does the job and lasts b…Read More

  5. The Importance of Clean Gutters

    Fall is a beautiful time of year. The temperature during the day is perfect for all activities. The nights are brisk, perfect for walking the dog. The mornings are spectacular with colors to welcome the day. The leaves turn brilliant red, golden yellow, and tangerine orange. The wind whistles and th…Read More