Steel Roofing Materials by Master Shake Roofing in Linwood

Spring has traditionally been the harbinger of good fortune. How can it not be? When the birds sing in the morning and the baby ducks waddle to their ponds, your heart warms and your mood brightens. When one day you wake up and the whole world seems to have turned from brown to green overnight, you wonder at the beauty of the world and the miracles we don’t understand.

Spring leads into long, hot summer days, full of pool life, lazy days reading a good book, or long walks with your dog or family. Summer brings fireworks and hikes, BBQs with friends, and long conversations with loved ones.

It’s during these times that you may actually take a moment to reflect on your roof, the unsung hero of your home. It’s there day-in and day-out protecting you from all the bad guys around. It doesn’t pepper you with questions, with worry, or with concern. It merely sits, all day long, being a perch for the birds and a place for the rain to fall.

Master Shake Roofing Systems offers the best metal roofing system for your home. In this blog post, we’ll review why spring and summer are the best time for metal roof installations.


  • Cheaper. Believe it or not, the fall is the busiest season for roof installations. Hence, prices tend to be higher as roofers can now bump up their labor charges to make up for the high priority of the roofs.
  • Easier to install. Due to the nature of metal roofing materials, warmer weather enables the metal roofing installation process to go much faster. When it’s cold outside, for example, you might have to fight the brittle nature of the roofing materials, the fact the roofing materials are colder to the touch and your roofers are now wearing gloves, and the shorter days in the winter in which to get work done. Furthermore, sealants need to dry, and in the spring and summer, these can dry very quickly, affording your roof installation process to move along at a steady clip. Sure, you can face spring showers, but the moisture dries up pretty quickly. In contrast, when it snows, the snow can stick around, upping your labor costs if you have to physically remove the snow in order to continue with your metal roof installation.
  • Keeps moisture content under control. Water in general can cause problems. First off, the metal roofing materials become wet, which can then be slippery and difficult for the metal roofers to handle. Cracks allow water to seep in, and delays can become common if weather hits. The spring and summer afford the best chance to have your metal roof installed without Mother Nature’s interference.

Don’t let summer slip away without giving Master Shake Roofing Systems a call for a free metal roofing estimate. We have roofing dealers in the United States and Canada ready to assist you with your new metal roofing installation. Call today to get started!