Master Shake Roofing Systems offers the best roofing materials in the roofing industry. We offer our own proprietary roofing materials designed to last a lifetime and withstand the toughest of storms. But what do you do when a storm rolls through and causes damage to your metal roof?
In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what to do when a storm hits. Contact us today to find a Master Shake Metal Roofing dealer near you!


  • Have your roof inspected by a professional roof inspector. After a storm hits, it can be hard to tell if your roof sustained any significant damage. That’s why you need to call in a professional roof inspector who knows what to look for in your metal roofing system.
  • Inspect your attic. If there is a leak in your metal roof, it can be sometimes hard to spot. However, you will see water stains in your attic, which can pinpoint the location of your roof leak as well. If you see water damage to your ceiling or walls, your metal roof definitely sustained storm damage and will be in need of a roof repair or metal roof replacement by a Master Shake Roofing System dealer in your area.
  • Walk around your home. You may notice damage to your metal roof from the ground. If you notice any metal pieces lying on the ground, missing pieces of fascia, or any displacement of metal, you’ll need to call for roof repair. This is also a great opportunity to notice if there was any damage to other exterior structures of your home, such as your chimney, metal exhaust pipes, or TV satellites.
  • Hail damage. Hail damage can be visible or it can blend in, especially with a metal roof. If you had a significant hail storm, call in your local roof inspector. If you need a new roofing system, contact Master Shake Roofing for the best metal roofs.
  • Contact your insurance agent. Once you determine your metal roof sustained damage in the latest storm, you’ll need to let your insurance agent know so you can get the claim process moving. You’ll most likely need your metal roofing estimate so the insurance company will know how much to reimburse you for a new metal roof. All of the Master Shake Roofing System dealers offer free metal roofing estimates. Give us a call to set that up.
    Schedule your new metal roofing installation. Once you get the green light from your insurance company, you can begin metal roof repair work right away. Give Master Shake Roofing a call for immediate service. Often, you are only out your deductible in the event of storm damage to your roof.

Master Shake Roofing Systems offers the best metal roofing materials and exceptional customer service. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable, resists mildew, lightweight, extremely durable, and resists storms. Metal roofs can lower your homeowner’s insurance rate, as well as increase the value of your home. Call us today if you suspect your need a new metal roof due to storm damage!