Metal roofs are the best roofs in the industry. They can last a lifetime, withstand the toughest weather Mother Nature can throw, and reduce your carbon footprint on this planet. They are 100% recyclable and are beautiful to look at.

Master Shake Roofing System offers the best proprietary metal roofing system in the metal roof industry. Our metal roofs have innovative shingles and strapping, as well as a modern and sleek trim. We are detail-oriented and have designed the best leveling and fastenings in the roofing business. With dealers across Canada and the United States, Master Shake Roofing is the best all-inclusive roofing system.

Now that you have this amazing roofing system, how do you pick a house color to go with it? In this blog post, we’ll go over the best house colors to complement your new metal roofing system by Master Shake Roofing. Contact us today for a free estimate!


  • White. White is a classic color that looks good on most homes, but looks amazing on homes with metal roofs. It makes the roof the focal point of the home. Choose almost any accent colors for your trim, door, or gutters, such as a bright red, blue, or green.
  • Subdued red. Grey metal roofs look great with a subdued red color that mimics the natural color of bricks. Orange-red colors can go good as well. Choose a white for the trim and door to really make the red stand out against your metal roof.
  • Green. Your metal roof will look good with almost any shade of green. From a light, pale gray to a darker, forest green, your roof will blend seamlessly in. Accent colors can vary with green houses, from red to draw a stark contrast to white for a more low-key feel.
  • Yellow. Yellow and gray metal roofs is a classic pairing color combination that works well with all types of houses, from modern to Victorian style. Choose from a sunny yellow to a bright yellow, which looks well with a darker metal roof. Accents for the trim and door could be green, red, or white.
  • Gray. Many people love the look of a monochromatic color scheme, and gray metal roofs with a gray home is no exception. You’ll want to pick a gray color for your home that is either a couple shades lighter or darker than the color of your roof. If you choose a color for your home that is too close to the color of your metal roof, you’ll end up with a washed out look that is not aesthetically-pleasing at all. You want a clear definition between your home’s color and your roof. An accent color can be a classic white to draw attention to the gray or a brighter color, such as a bright yellow or red, to draw attention to your door and trim.

As a Top Rated Local® metal roofing company, Master Shake Roofing Systems are far superior to any roofing material or other metal roof on the market. Call a dealer near you for a free estimate today!