When you choose to become a Shake Roofing Dealer, you get some remarkable benefits. For all our roofing material options — whether tin roof tiles or steel roofing sheets — you are able to get your roofing supply from us at wholesale prices. You’ll also receive comprehensive training regarding everything you need to know about metal roofing. From roofing shingles to metal roofing costs and benefits, with our training, you will become an expert in our roofing materials and their many advantages in no time. We will walk you through the basics that you need to know, help set up your business strategy, assist you with advertising and marketing, and work with you to get you new referrals. Contact us today to begin your journey to becoming a successful Master Shake Dealer!

Do you believe in the preeminence of steel roofing systems like we do? Are you interested in becoming a dealer of our steel metal roofs by Master Shake? This page will answer some of the questions you might have about our processes. If you’re serious about becoming a metal roofing distributor, there’s a link to the application at the bottom of the page. Fill this out to get started on becoming a dealer of the best steel roofing, Master Shake Roofing.

What’s the process to becoming a dealer with Master Shake Roofing?  

The first step is to fill out a dealer application. Our team will then review your application. If you’re accepted to be a dealer of our steel roofing systems, you’ll be registered as an official dealer and be able to order our materials at wholesale prices. As a dealer, supplier, and distributor of the Master Shake metal roofing system, you’ll receive complete training on sales and installation. We’re here to answer any questions throughout the entire process and offer support. On your first roofing installation, we’ll come out and train you and your team for free.

After one year of being a successful dealer of the Master Shake metal roofing system, you’ll be eligible for protected status. In essence, a protected dealer of Master Shake Roofing is one who outsells any other Master Shake Dealer within a 50 mile radius. If there are existing Master Shake Roofing dealers in your 50 mile radius, they will lose their dealer status, leaving you as the sole dealer and distributor for your territory.

What are the benefits of becoming a steel roofing dealer?

As a Master Shake Roofing dealer, you’ll have access to the best and fastest growing metal roofing material market. You’ll be rewarded for your success with protected status, guaranteeing you even more sales.

What support do you offer dealers and potential dealers?

Master Shake Roofing helps in three key areas:

  1. We’ll help with your business strategy. With years of sales, marketing, and installation of metal roofing systems, Master Shake can mentor you into phenomenal success. We know the ins and outs of business start-up and want to help you succeed like we have. We’ll help you craft a vision, verbalize your core values, clearly define your goals, provide accountability, and help you with the financials.
  2. We’ll help with advertising and marketing. Advertising and marketing is a key component in every business’s success. Master Shake Roofing will share with you what has worked for us and what hasn’t as well as some of our best sources of advertising and marketing for the best price.
  3. Referrals. Gaining protected dealer status will create an exclusive territory for you as the official dealer of the Master Shake Roofing System. This means all calls for our steel roofing products within your territory go to you. Master Shake Roofing will also help you get started on setting a referral reward program if you’re interested.

What’s the up-front costs?

None except the expenses of the actual metal roofing material. There is no cost to join our program.

Are there yearly requirements or fees?

Master Shake Roofing does not charge any fees. However, if you’re a protected dealer, you must maintain adequate sales to keep your protected dealer status for the year. If your sales of steel roofing materials dip, you have the potential of having your protected status stripped and given to another person who is interested in being a dealer in your territory.

What equipment if any is required?

Every dealer will need the ability to unload the steel roofing materials once they arrive, so either a couple of strong guys or perhaps a forklift. If you’re strictly a reseller of our steel metal roofing materials, then you won’t need any equipment except a location to sell from. This could be as easy as your home office! If you’re an installer of our steel roofing products, then you’ll need transportation equipment (a truck), a ladder for climbing up on roofs, and all the hand tools necessary for installing a metal roof. Upon signing up with us, Master Shake Roofing will provide you with a recommended tool list.

Are there any restrictions to being a dealer like still selling other roofing products?

There are no restrictions to selling Master Shake’s Metal Roofing because we firmly believe you’ll love our steel metal roofing product so much you won’t want to sell any other roofing products!  

Is there a commission rate?

No. You keep all the profits from buying wholesale and selling retail and/or from the installation process of our metal roofing materials.

What are the estimated profits for the first year?  

Profits will vary, but Master Shake estimates profits in the first year between $10,000 and $20,000 and then increasing from there as you build your steel metal roofing business in the forthcoming years.

Anything else about the process or benefits?

At the end of the day, you can make as much money being a Master Shake Roofing dealer as you want. It all depends on how big you want to grow your steel metal roofing business. The demand for metal roofing systems is growing rapidly, and the Master Shake Roofing system is the best system on the market today. Customers love the look, the strength and durability, and the reliability of a metal roofing system. Installers rave about the ease of installation and the metal roofing product itself. With Master Shake’s protected dealer status program, you have the exclusive right to sell Master Shake Roofing to thousands of households. That’s huge! Master Shake sees no downside to the metal roofing market.

Master Shake Roofing is invested in your success.  If you succeed, we succeed. We believe strongly that Master Shake is the best steel roofing product on the market. Our goal is to spread our steel roofing system to as many households as possible, so these homeowners can begin to reap the benefits of a steel roof: decreased utility costs, reliability, durability, mildew resistance, and longevity. Master Shake Roofing would love to add you to our dealer program, so you can begin to reap the benefits of this steel roofing product. Fill out the application today to get started!